Annual Report 2014 Glory Foundation Trust

We started with another year (2014) with lot of hope and expectations for glory foundation, and we are glad that we could fulfil some of the expectations and we hope to continue this year with lot more good will, as it brings to us another opportunity to develop and face the challenges. 

When the inmates were back from their Christmas holidays we cleaned up the house and also involved in garden work. 

Mr. Ankappa the president of Kannur Grama Panchayat and Mr. Ramappa the leader of Chikka Gubbi Panchayat, showed some special interest in our work and we invited them so that we could engage with each other and they also got idea about Glory Foundation, as it turned out to be a good impression, they wanted to help us for the expenditure of workshop and they were happy to sponsor amount of twenty five thousand. In which we planned to buy wax and other ingredients for candle making along with commercial moulds and we were able to do some production work in candle making since then and we are thankful to their generous support. 

Nicklesh was stopped from going to the School now as he is grown up to continue in the primary school. As a token of well wishes the school gifted him a small amount of 750/- on his last of school. 

I was glad to meet one of my old colleague after a long time, Maria and her kids who came down to Bangalore for their holidays from Newzealand. Maria and Adrian, her husband have always been a good moral support to us. Their kids were happy to spend some time with the inmates. They gifted a small pocket camera while they were leaving. 26th of Jan was a significant day for all of us as it is the inauguration dayof Glory Foundation and also the Republic Day of India. We all went to the school for the flag hoisting and we were also invited for the lunch at the school. We held a parents meeting at the house in which we discussed important agenda. I also wish to tell that unexpectedly we had one unknown visitor who was akind man, he accidentally came to our home as he missed his way, latter when he got to know about the organisation he was charitable to donate five thousand rupees to Glory Foundation. 

In the Month of Feb , Kiran joined Glory Foundation as a new inmate, who is 8 years old from a middle class family. His mother being a single parent couldn't afford to send Kiran to the special education school any longer were he used to go. When His mother got to know about GF she was happy to send him here. We were all invited to the Marthomas special education center which is at Krishnajarpuram. This gave an opportunity to build a constructive relationship with other organisation. 

Fr. Jaykiran, who have know us from few months now, donated one thousand rupees when I met him in the church. 

We had a new visitor from DCPU [District child protection unit- in Bangalore urban sector], Mr. Ragavendra Reddy is a social worker from DCPU, who wanted to share some important knowledge on basis for future target activities and good practices on how to promote education for children. 

Earlier this year when we had applied for ration card which is given by government to obtain food and other commodities in cheaper rate, was issued to us in the month of March. And 17th we celebrated Samuel's Birthday. One more important activity that we carried out in the month of March was to re-build the sign boards which were planted in the main road and the turnings, because of the bad weather and social activities of the public it got worn out very soon, hence we had to replace with new ones which was very effective. 

In the beginning of April we received a bag of rice and also other food items from hardware shop, and also Mr. Samuel provided some food items. Also Fr. Valan sponsored one thousand rupees. We had a new inmate,Venkatesh who joined us on 14th of Apri. Venkatesh is 18 years old, however he joined us for a trail period. Another person named Vijay had come for the interview but unfortunately we couldn't take him as he was very challenging and also he was 24 years old and also because of lack of supporting staff we were unable to take him. 

In the month of May, Mr. Premnath Hegde who is the accountant for Glory Foundation, took an initiative to introduce to some of the members of Rotary club. They came and visited us to study and gain visibility of our work. They donated amount of five thousand rupees to GF. Mr.Premnath also would like to help in reaching out to many more people and networking which is really thoughtful of him. 

Mean while we invested some time in effectively produce some good number of commercial candles and with help of Mr.M.S. Swamynathan we were successfull in selling those candles to Mr. Maria joseph and from month of May he is continuing to buy some more candles and agreed to buy on monthly basis for 5kgs for his business. June 6th a new inmate, Baba joined GF. He is 8 years old who is from a middle class family. After Baba joined we experienced an unfortunate event and we came to learn that Baba always needed a close attention and if we fail to monitor him he will go missing just as it happened after few days of his joining, we were lucky to find him back on the same day he had gone missing. 

Fr. Valan who runs the institute,Divine Mercy school invited us all for the lunch on their feast day and also donated one thousand rupees. 

When the School re-opened in June after summer holidays, Samuel and Kiran were excited to go to school. On a positive note both of them liked each other's company while going to the school. On 3rd June a new inmate, Sunil came for the admission but we couldn't take him because of his severe behavioural problem which was really hard to maintain without a support staff. 

Our neighbour in the village were generous to provide us with warm blankets and some curtains for the house. 

Sabina Fazel, The president of Ladies Club named Inner Wheel gave a charity of two thousand rupees. By mr.Premnoth Hegde our aditer introduce and Initiative to G.F. 

Asmi's friends were interested to come and stay with all of us for couple of days during their weekend, to study the needs of the inmates and challenges of our organisation and spent some quality time with all the inmates. 

Now we are working forward to respond effectively to the current needs and the top priorities of Glory foundation and also focus on the point of increasing expectations put on the organisation is growing in more numbers and also focus on mobilization which can help in achieving the goals. 

Thanking you, 

Arockiadass, Presidant 

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